About us

CEKAS, registered institute and its history

The idea to establish CEKAS, registered institute (CEKAS) has emerged from the work of a group of people who for many years have been implementing projects in the field of social policy, social services and education.

CEKAS was established on July 2, 2015 to support:
A) social policy, in particular social services and active employment policy,
(B) human resource development, in particular education,
C) management and development of services quality,
D) social economy,
(E) research and development in the field of social, evaluation and methodological activities.

In these areas, our nonprofit organization focuses on working with our professional partners with whom we want to:
 Prepare and implement partnership projects supporting cooperation between the NGO sector, the state sector (Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and other institutions) and the local authorities (regions, cities and communities) with a focus on the social area and education.
 Implement pilot projects in the development of new methods and approaches in social work.
 To be the mediator of best practice experience in the Czech Republic and abroad.
 Support and support social service providers and other social actors in implementing quality management systems based on quality standards.
 Provide accredited training programs.
Perform fundraising for the areas listed above.

Project team: Zora Fídlerová, Helena Chleborádová, Irena Tomešová, Alena Valečková, Martina Zahradníková

The project team consists of an experienced project and financial managers and an economist with 10 to 20 years experience in the preparation and management of large and international projects. Some members of the team are university educated social workers, part of the team is a longtime teacher of social policy at Charles University. Other members of the team have economic education. Thanks to this activity, it has extensive contacts in the field of social (cooperation with professional NGOs) as well as educational (universities both from Prague and other cities, expert consultants, lecturers).