Open Doors Day

On May 4, the Open Doors Day took place at our Center for Professional Work with a Family. It was daunting in the morning, cold, and we were afraid it would discourage visitors. We were pleasantly surprised that the first one arrived just before nine o’clock. And a little later, the door was literally torn. Everyone who was interested in our activities got his „guide“ to him. Most of our visitors were interested about „kindergarten by play“ (therapeutic-educational program with Montessori elements) and the social worker’s stories about the services provided by HoSt – professionally conducted by colleagues Marta Linková, Martina Přečková, Vlasta Vítková and Kateřina Brožková and the director of HoSt Alžběta Candia. We from CEKAS, have been organizing and, if interested, explaining how HoSt and CEKAS have been working together for several years, enabling large-scale foreign projects such as the VELUX Foundations project FAMILY BY PLAY to be implemented.
We were visited by representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Child Social-Protection Departnemnts of certain Prague districts, colleagues from NGOs and an open gate to the garden, attracted few accidental passers-by.