We are pleased to announce the launch of our new project: The education of at-risk youth = the right path to a fulfilling life.

Nine projects are on a mission to boost the enthusiasm of young minds for education and equip them to take an active part in the green and digital transformation. From vocational schools enhancing students‘ digital and green skills to NGOs providing mentorship for vulnerable youth in Roma communities, it’s a dynamic initiative. Villum Foundation is supporting these projects with 100 million DKK under the grant area European Youth and Education.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new project: The education of at-risk youth = the right path to a fulfilling life.

This project is implemented in the partnership of 2 Czech NGOs CEKAS and Proxima Sociale. It is aimed at a highly vulnerable target group of children and youth aged 10-18, including immigrants, who have a difficult access to education due to their unfavorable, socially and economically disadvantaged family background. They find themselves at a crossroads: if they receive support, they reintegrate into society and study, if they do not receive it, or the support is not adequate to their needs, they find themselves on the margins of society and the psychopathological phenomena worsen. From an economic point of view, families do not have the possibility of regular contact with nature and the use of digital technologies, in this they are hopelessly behind their peers. The Czech school system is generally unable to deal with this problem within our target group. In the project, we want to innovate our functioning current programs and develop new programs based on the principle of individual activities: STABILIZATION = individual stabilization of target group members and thereby enabling further development in the field of education; LEARNING = support and motivation for further education, including passing entrance exams; DEVELOPMENT = motivation to promote experience and skills on digital technologies, climate and sustainable environment. 

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Víkend s pracovnicemi a dobrovolnicemi HoSt 2017

Již třetím rokem náš tým s velkou chutí absolvoval 3-denní výjezdní setkání s pracovnicemi a dobrovolnicemi naší partnerské organizace HoSt. 8. až 10. září  2017 jsme strávili v penzionu Diana v Novém Jáchymově – bylo nás čtyřicet a připravený byl velmi pestrý a živý program. Kromě tvořivých a zábavných workshopů jsme probrali i pracovní záležitosti a plány do blízké budoucnosti, ze kterých bude vycházet naše další spolupráce a rozvoj obou organizací.